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Pre-Order Potato Harvest 2019
Our extended family farm

135 years of farming in Idaho - it's a family tradition.

Gourmet Potatoes

Delicious gourmet russett potatoes. Perfect for amazing baked potatoes, fries, and more.

Deep Roots

Farming has been our way of life for well over 100 years. It is a long-running family tradition to "grow."

Located In Idaho

Our farm ground sits in a valley surrounded by mountains, marked with old volcanoes, and rivers.

Pay What You Want

We want you to have our produce, but we know that shipping is expensive. We'll figure it out because we're farmers, so pay what you want!

Family Values

Farming is an incredible opportunity to teach our children about good character traits, how to build them, and more.

Partner With Us

Recipe website looking for ways to add value to your audience? Restaurant looking for bulk orders? Contact us!

Welcome home...

Comfortable and Classy Farmhouse Decor

We just built our own little farmhouse and LOVE to decorate it for each season. There's something special and warm about a farmhouse as a home. Make it a little more comfortable with classic decor, specifically tailored to life on the ranch or farm.

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Laurel Wreath


Laurel Wreath


Laurel Wreath


Laurel Wreath


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