Low-Cost Home Security Systems

If you are budget-conscious homeowner, you may think that your options for home security systems are fairly limited. In reality, there are still a lot of low-cost methods that you can use to help increase your home’s level of security. Since not everyone has a budget that can support the monthly cost of a monitored home security system, it’s extremely important to be aware of the options you have for a low-cost home security system.

Door/Window Alarms

A great way to help protect your home’s security on a budget is to use door and window alarms. These devices are usually sold at many grocery and supermart stores. In most cases, they cost under $20. A door or window alarm usually uses two “contact points”, which have a magnetic connection. If the connection is broken (i.e. when the door or window is opened), a loud alarm will sound, alerting anyone in your home of the potential intruders. For a low-cost option, window and door alarms are a fairly effective way to increase your home’s level of security.

Motion-Sensing Lights

By installing motion-sensing security lights, you are improving the chances that your home will be safe from burglars at night. A thief will often be startled by a bright light that is motion-activated, which will increase their visibility. Most thieves operate only when they believe that they can get away with their crime without being caught. By increasing the visibility of vulnerable areas of your home, you are also increasing the chances that a neighbor or passing vehicle will notice suspicious activity. It’s best to place motion-activated lights around the entry points of your home, such as ground-level windows and doors. It’s also best to cover your backyard and any subsequent entry points with motion-sensing lights, since many thieves opt to use entrances that are facing away from the road. Motion sensing lights are usually available for under $25.

Commercial Alarm Kits

In most cases, a loud burglar alarm is enough to convince a thief to flee your home. A burglar alarm kit is a cost-effective and efficient way to help increase your home’s level of security, and does not usually carry a monthly subscription fee.  These alarm kits are usually designed to operate by using motion detectors, which will trigger a loud alarm when activated. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to purchase either a simple alarm kit, or a complex system that contains many sensors. Either way, it’s best to decide based on the size of your home and the level of protection you wish to have. The price range for motion-activated alarm systems can range from $29 for simple systems, to about $300 for complicated systems with many motion-detecting sensors.

Glass Break Sensors

Another fairly inexpensive way to improve your home’s security is to install glass break sensors. These can be used to monitor ground-floor windows for any intrusions. A glass break sensor typically operates by monitoring for the frequency of sound that occurs when a window is broken. It is most effective when placed near a window, where the sound will not be muffled by any obstructions. Glass break sensors usually cost around $10.

“Dummy” Security Cameras

If you don’t have the extra budget for a security camera surveillance system, you can still increase your home’s security with battery-powered “dummy” security cameras. These cameras are designed to look exactly like a real security camera, though do not contain the expensive components that allow them to capture video. In fact, many of these cameras also include a red LED light, which creates a false appearance that the camera is recording. These cameras can be placed in conspicuous areas around your home, though are most effective when used at well-lit entry points. Most of these cameras are powered by batteries, which will need to be replaced as needed. If you live in an area that is subject to harsh weather conditions, be sure that the false camera that you use is able to be used outdoors. Most fake security cameras retail for under $20.