Security Systems

There are a wide variety of security systems available to every person and business today. Car security systems, home security systems, video surveillance security systems, identity security systems, computer security systems – just to name a few! There are also a variety of types of each security system: wireless, hardwired, digital, analog and more. We hope this page summarizes each security system and how it can help you and every person in your family.

For Your Home

FamilyNow clearly values the number of choices a family has to secure their home today. Home security systems come in all shapes, sizes – the can be as simple as using deadbolts on your exterior doors to hiring a professional security company to install a monitored security system with sensors on every door and window.

For Your Car

Our cars and automobiles are almost always easier targets for criminal intent than our homes or identities. We take our cars everywhere – and we park in parking garages, driveways, street-side and parking lots…all of these areas usually have limited visibility at night or they make for an easy target for theft during the day. A car security system is designed to help curb theft and unauthorized entry – or even using the panic buttons on most car alarms will keep predators at bay from personally assaulting you.

Video Surveillance Systems (or CCTV)

Video surveillance (CCTV) gets positive and negative publicity all the time. Positive when it is used to identify and capture crooks and negative when it feels like it was used to ‘invade’ our privacy. Carefully placed video cameras can certainly make a big difference in capturing criminals and identifying your property. One should certainly consider, at a minimum, an external video surveillance system to watch the outside of your home/location.

Computer Security

Most personal computers come with limited to no virus protection. A virus can delete all of your timeless photographs, send all of your user names and passwords to a thief, and render your computer useless. All of these can cost you stress, time and a lot of money and frustration. There are a lot of virus and internet protection software available on the market today.

Identity Theft & Credit Card Security

Did you know that most people do not have credit or identity protection? Your identity and credit are at risk daily through using computers, cell phones, atm machines and more. We don’t want to scare you, but big companies lose millions of pieces of information regularly – what happens if it happens to you? It’s time to think about protecting your identity and your credit.

Other Types of Security Systems

So many people experience a loss of some kind or another throughout their life – and it is almost always unfortunate. While the frustration and experiences are inevitable, there are a few systems in place to alleviate certain portions of the experience. We like to call it insurance – insurance can protect your finances, your identity, your house and other major investments.

We hope you enjoy the information on this website – and take action to secure your family and yourself today at FamilyNow!