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10 Ways to Find Fun Things To Do As A Family

Find unique, fun, or random things to do with your family now!


Find Local Deals for the Fam

Groupon is well known for local discounts. They have a robust "Things-to-do" section with filters that let you select what you might like to do with the family!


Go to the Movies and Skip the Lines!

Fandango.com is a popular favorite for families who like to skip lines and just get in to see the movie. See what's playing near you today!


Go Out To Eat and Get the Best Deal

Restaurant.com promises to give you the best deals for your meals. Some restaurants offer up to 80% off when you buy through Restaurant.com!


Order a New Game for Hours of Fun

If you can hold out for a couple more days, then order from Amazon's Top Games today and play later. Or, for a quick fix of fun and entertainment, check out the latest Family-friendly games (iTunes) for your phone/tablet.


Learn About Your Family History Together

Ancestry.com and 23andMe.com can open the doors to hours of epic family discussions and untold stories of days past and future. Dig in and have fun learning about your family's history!


Play "Tourist" for A Day (or 7!)

If you live near Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Oahu, Orlando, San Diego, or San Francisco, then you can get amazing deals on all-inclusive passes to 30+ attractions per city at SmartDestinations.com! If you aren't in or near any of those cities, go to your city government or Chamber of Commerce website, they will often have deals or lists of the local attractions you could visit with the fam. Take a break and play "tourist" for a day with the family.


Book a Concert, Game, or Event

AwesomeSeating.com has good prices and customer service. Take the family to a concert, a live play, a ball game, and more!


Check Out Your Local Museums and Zoos

Educational + Fun = a formula for great memories. Take the kids to the local art, children's, natural history or discovery museums. Or take a hike through the nearest zoo! Find the museums and zoos nearest you today...


Walk, Hike, or Ride a Local Trail

If you love to explore the outdoors, then find a new trail at AllTrails.com to ride or walk nearby. Take the family for a fun outing, maybe take a picnic and have lunch while you're out in the wild!


Hire A Babysitter and Go Out On A Date

Sometimes the best thing for the family is for Mom and Dad to spend 1 on 1 time together. Hire a trusted, background-checked babysitter at Care.com so you can relax and enjoy some time alone with your spouse!